First April weekend, China Camp overnight trip:

It was amazing weather and great sailing. Ara sailed from Sausalito via Raccoon strait passing Ayala cove under the Richmond bridge to China camp… The ancorage there is quite shallow with warmer warter; a small bar onshore reachable by dinghy, sandy beach and overal relaxing and calm enviroment. We anchored overnight and enjoyed the sail back looking over Tiberon’s terraced houses, Golden Gate bridge and back over to Sausalito and home;) it was easy, relaxing and very summery weekend!

Hawaii: day 2 and 3…
Beach, books, cocktails, nice food, hike along the beach, amazing views… Relaxation… Great coffee again and again ;)( Apparently one can drive through rain forest, hike to volcano and go around different plantations for coffee tasting… Aka vine tasting in Napa;) we were too lazy… Thus we’ll be back to continue our Hawaii weekend adventure for sure❤️